Travelling to California, What You Should know?

Whether you’re looking to just go sightseeing, clubbing, meet Hollywood stars, or try out the nightlife, California is the ultimate holiday destination. Also known as The Golden State, California grows 3 million tons of grapes each year, producing up to 90% of America’s wine, and in 1848, a gold rush began, bringing in much of the population of people there today, in search of gold.

From Los Angeles to San Francisco, to Malibu, and beyond there are unlimited activities for families, or couples to take part in. This guide will show you the various activities to do and sights to see in this bustling state. In the vast state of California, it would be impossible to visit all landmarks in a single day or even a week. This guide has been compiled to give you an introduction to the state.

San Francisco

For the avid history lover, San Francisco is home to Alcatraz Island. With informative and exciting tours offered for all ages. There is even the possibility of meeting old inmates from the prison!

travelling to california what you should know alcatraz island

For newcomers who have seen it in movies and TV shows, Golden Gate Bridge could be just as captivating to see. You can spend time with family and have a nice walk down the mile-long bridge, or visit a little café with friends!

Some more possible activities would be to visit an aquarium with a wide array of exhibits and for the young adults; the spectacular nightlife is a must.

Los Angeles

Home to the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles in California is also big in nightlife, art, and theatre. It is possible to get up and personal to the Hollywood sign if you hike behind it if you are interested in seeing it up close. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is perfect for the celebrity buffs. The music culture is quite prevalent. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the life of your favorite celebrities. Los Angeles is the best place for music and movie lovers alike.

the hollywood sign in california is one of the things you should know before travelling to california

San Diego

If the celebrity atmosphere does not hold your fancy, try out a vacation into San Diego’s wide range of zoos, nature reserves, museums, and theme parks. Seeing cheetahs, giraffes, and white rhinos are just a few of the offerings available at the San Diego Safari Zoo. With outdoor activities and tours in nature, there won’t be a dull moment. With a broad range of museums, San Diego is another hotspot for the history and culture enthusiasts. So no matter what interests you, there should be something for you. There’s art, natural history, photography, even a museum just for kids! This city offers something for everyone, from children to adults.

here is a picture of san diego, some of the things you should know before travelling to california

California, with its rich history and beautiful lands, is a destination worth visiting. It has such a wide range of activities to suit anyone’s needs. If you are interested in nature, exploring the long history of the state, and even America, have the thrill of one of the many amusement parks, or mingle with the stars, the state of California is perfect for any vacation experience.

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