Spending Vacations in California

this is a picture of the pismo beach as you spend vacation in california

After tiresome activities during periods long of work, a great opportunity always comes during vacations. These holiday times provide perfect ground for families and friends to join and celebrate good moments. They could travel abroad or visit the local towns with beautiful serenity and experience the wonderful feeling that nature provides. For the residents of California, there are many places that one or families can visit during their holidays to catch up on the lost times before school and work resumes. Still, a day or two out with families and friends during weekends can still be a meaningful time of spending vacations in California. Some of the places that excite include;

The Pismo Beach

Who doesn’t love beaches? They can provide fun including thrilling activities like skating and sunbathing. This state has numerous of them to visit and just to experience the iconic summer beach environment; the Pismo Beach has it all. This is the kind of location you would want to play beach volley and other activities. Where to stay and spend a night at this beach is not a big problem because of the numerous hotels with some located at high levels above the ocean with eye-catching views. Try it out!

The Sequoia National Park

This national park is open every time during the year and rarely will you find it crowded. During spring and summer, there are numerous wildflower booms and during the summer, the waterfall is at their highest level. During fall, there is an abundance of colorful foliage down the rivers. At winter, what may be missed is the scenic view of Kings Canyon and the Crystal Cave but the huge sequoias will be decked open in the snow. Again, the hotels in this park have cafes and restaurants and it’s a wonderful place to visit.

spend vacation in california sequioa natioanal park

The Coronado Beach

This beach is ideal for families and because of its wide stretches of sand and calm surf; it’s a perfect place to watch the whales more so between January and March. There are also lifeguards on staff, free parking along the ocean and numerous public facilities in close proximity to this park and this adds to its convenience. Lovebirds can take romantic walks to the luxurious beachfront and have some blissful moments while viewing the great Pacific Ocean. Located just 5 minutes from San Diego, this beach is readily accessible for those who may wish to take a tour.

Santa Monica

Located just 20 minutes from LA, this famous beach is well known for its 3 – mile Santa Monica which is the symbol of California’s beach life. It’s a great choice to consider. Swaying palm trees, diverse museums, art galleries, good restaurants are all guaranteed when one take a visit to this place. Still, there are numerous hotels and inns which perfectly fit if one is planning a romantic moment for his/ her partner.

spend your vacation in california santa monica beach

There are other beautiful places and locations in the big California and the above-mentioned beaches, parks, and towns are just but a tip of the iceberg. The biggest obstacle remains the actual planning and taking a visit.

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