Do You Want to Spend Vacations in California

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California is a Western US state which stretches about 1448 kilometer along the Pacific Ocean.  The state is incredibly endowed going by its natural features, which makes it a great vacation destination.

For example, the highest point in California and the adjacent US is Mt.Whitney (the highest peak of Sierra Nevada), and it is 4,419m high, while the lowest point in the whole country is the Death Valley, which is 86m below the sea level. These two places are only 129km apart, which is an odd phenomenon for their different topographies.

Other Natural Features of California

Deserts, ranges, and more high mountains – Apart from the Sierra Nevada ranges in the East, California has the Coast Ranges in the western region. Between these two ranges lie the Colorado and Mojave deserts. The state has 41 mountains exceeding 3,050 meters.

Beaches – Whether your chosen beach destination is in Northern or Southern California; you will have different beaches to choose from.  In some of these beaches, you will come across unusual things like bowling ball sized rock fragments, purple sand, sea glass, sea caves or elephant seals among others.

Natural harbors – The largest natural harbors in California are San Diego harbor and San Francisco Bay. In these harbors, you will be in a position to see water vessels docking.

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Lakes – There are several lakes in California, some of them are; Lake Tahoe, Lake Shasta, Clear Lake, Salton Sea, Twin Lake, Trinity Lake and Tulare Lake which drained in the late 19th century.

Fun Activities in California

Zip lining- California is excellent for zip lining due to its spectacular mountains, hills, and parks. Going for this adrenaline ride does not require experience as there are tandem zip lines. However, you will need courage, and you must be in good health.

Before going on the adventure, you will need to consult your healthcare practitioner if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, neck or back problems, seizures, dizziness or if you are pregnant.

Hiking – In California, you can hike in the wild or along the beach to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

Body surfing and tide pooling – Body surfers and tide poolers acknowledge that California beaches are among the best surfing destinations because you can choose between medium or large waves as per your expertise.

Boogie board surfing – California beaches are a great vacation destination for boogie board surfers as they provide an excellent medium for the activity.

Sand sculpting – Sand sculpting is a great way to spend family time by the beach especially if you have small children. Not only will you encourage their creativity, but you will be in a perfect position to watch them for their safety.

Swimming and sunbathing – The superb beaches in California are ideal for swimming and relaxing.

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California is among the best vacation destinations in the world due to its natural features ranging from high mountains, hills, deserts, ranges, lakes, beaches and natural harbors. The state favors a variety of fun activities like hiking, body surfing, tide pooling, boogie board surfing, fishing, and sand sculpting, swimming and sunbathing. There is something for everyone in California.

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